Online Minion Cake Delivery in Delhi

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Online Minion Birthday cake Design Delivery in Delhi/NCR

Easy Minion Cake Design idea to celebrate your kids Birthday Introduce by Giftsbynaudy.

Minion Cake Without Fondant

At Gifts by Naudy your will Discover best Minion Cake Design without using Fondant to reduce Cost.

Best Minion cake Recipe by Experienced Chef at GiftsByNaudy

Why minion cake without Fondant looks Real just because of our experienced Chef made it with Their goof ingredient and magical Recipe.

Reasonable Minion Cake Price 

Just Because of we made Minion cake without Fondant it reduced the minion cake price with the same quality.

Best Minion Cream Cake without Fondant.

Best Minion Cream Cake with the quality Sponge layer in Brownie with Real Cream Stuffed in every layer.

Beautiful Minion Cake Design.

Since we are known for cakes specially for Kids we do take care Minion Cake Design as per the kids Favorite Cartoon Character.

Minions cake Near in Delhi/NCR

We are now delivering Minions cake near in Delhi and NCR.

Our Delivery areas are Noida.Delhi,Gurgaon,faridabad and Bareilly.